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It all began in 2012 with a “business trip” to Naples for Jay Davidson Susanin and his family. Jay was asked to stay at a friend’s new beach house, experience life in Old Naples and help develop an art and interiors plan. As the focal point of the Family Room in this awesome Naples beach house, an impressive map made immediate sense to Jay. When he was unable to find the right kind of map in Naples, he returned to Palladio, his art production, framing & interiors company – and hand drew what he envisioned. The map was digitized & converted to an aqua colored blueprint that showed this friends' address with a small palm tree. That single map gave rise to Palladio’s ‘Bank & Surf’ where hundreds of similar maps from over 275 destinations have been created, helping clients & customers chart their own trips and adventures in a unique, custom and colorful way.

Capturing the adventures of life on the banks of waterways and the surf of the ocean...

Creating unique artwork that captures his customers’ life experiences has been the hallmark of Jay’s success at Palladio, which he opened in 2001 when he decided not to practice law. By focusing his energy on this growing collection of maps and Bank & Surf’s role in the Coastal Lifestyle world, he and his young family have been able to get a lot of sand in their shoes as business diversifies and grows. Together, Jay, his wife and their two children are doing their best to see what different sands, waters, habitats, and seaside settings have in store – making each of these places special.

Bank & Surf’s headquarters & retail store is neatly tucked inside Palladio, located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. As the business grows, so too will what Bank & Surf has to offer life at the beach – where the founder [ and now his family] are happiest.